The randform blog is an initiative of the daytar group (timh,nad). The randform blog is a private blog which is fed by people with interests that intersect somewhere between art and science. Entries are reflecting the personal opinions and views of the respective authors and not necessarily the ones of the daytar group.

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timh: Tim Hoffmann, geometer
nad : Nadja Kutz, mathematical physicist
nuka: Anuschka Kutz, architect

Our world is dramatically changing. Navigation within this world can be quite complex. Abstraction and perception interweave more and more. This affects art and design, where computational aspects are of growing importance. But this affects also math and physics, where perceptionally accessible auxiliary constructions (computer algebra systems, visualizations etc.) enter growingly the pure abstraction.

This blog reflects our personal reflections on this cognitive challenge.
Since a good portion of us works in mathematical visualization, there will be a
thematical emphasis on 3D visuals, software, geometry etc.
Since we are currently located in Berlin and London, we will provide also some
regular local news about life in these cities.

randform had been featured in the book “Blogs, Mad about design” (blog entry) which is

a collection of the most interesting and exiting blogs that are related to graphic design.

All images, videos applets etc. are for educational purposes only and often just refer to another site. We do not grant any copyright, if not explicitly stated in the corresponding blog entry next to the corresponding images/video/applet.

the self imposed publishing policy on this blog is:
on the same and the next day after publishing a post we allow ourselves to alter the content of a post, after that period all alterations in the content of a post are marked with date, even if there might have been an embarrassing mistake in a blog post.

exceptions sofar: In one blog post story a word was changed in order to avoid possible legal consequences. In one foto series the title of a foto was changed after the request of someone who had to do with the foto. One blog post was blocked in order to avoid collisions due to different interpretations of fair use.

further remarks:
-If you wonder about certain comments in the comment section of the blog: yes! – these might be sockpuppets, as this blog is part of a kind of media art theatre project. Sockpuppet comments by authors who are unknown to us may though eventually be subject to deletion. In particular spam and molesting/insulting comments will be usually deleted.
There are however also “real” (i.e. not “staged”) comments by real people in the comment section. All comments are the opinion of the respective authors.

-Even if some blog posts may contain juridicial content it should be clear that alone by our profession the corresponding discussions can not constitute any legal advice but are -as already stated above- solely matters of personal opinion.