CIANT experiments

image from CIANT’s project ETUDE

Just an announcement: The International Centre for Art and New Technologies CIANT in Prague is announcing a lecture about Vilem Flusser. Albeit if Prague is rather close to Berlin (in fact I know someone from Berlin who is going to school there!) I am not sure if I find enough time to attend this very interesting lecture, since I have an upcoming really heavy work load in the outside-media-art world.

But at this place it is very worthwhile to also have a look at the projects, which are presented on the site like e.g. D.A.N.C.E, ETUDE, the transISTor classes or the former project ALTERNE (Alternative Realities in Networked Environments):

Unlike traditional virtual reality that constructs visually realistic synthetic worlds the ALTERNE platform supports artistic exploration of such complex concepts as causality, alternative laws of physics or alternative forms of life.

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  1. Matschkartöffl Says:

    I think to remember that there was a music video at the Etude link. What happened to it? Do you know?

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