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Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

following again a quest here some images from Langeoog which is an island in the north sea, protected by a groyne in the west.

As you can see it was pretty chilly there. The typical inhabitants receipe against the frost is “Ostfriesland Tee” with or without “Schnaps” (a liquor). But I am not sure wether that helps against such a cold.



make human

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

“2 D blacklight transparency beween 3-D house sequences” artwork by Angela Travis

A short remark: If I should not answer a comment to this blog then the reason for this is definitely not because I want to be unpolite, but because among others I am currently very busy. Sometimes it just may take a while, because some things have to be found out first, like for the case of this comment by a randform reader called H. Düppel, who was complaining that I am doing marketing for a commercial software called Poser.
This blog here receives no payments from any place, on the contrary it costs me actually quite a bit, so if I should talk about a commercial product over here then this is for no marketing reason, but out of a pure personal interest. Moreover I actually rather prefer not to talk too much about commercial things, because I dont like to be part of a marketing campaign, but as said I am not dogmatic about this. So here – so to say as a balance to my previous link to the software poser..:)..a link to the open source software make human, which seems to implement (or is going to implement) the same or better features as Poser.