addendum to last post: according to Heise the offer of a free version of the software Poser by e-frontier, which was limited from Sept. 1 -Sept. 4 is extended to Sept. 8 due to the unavailability of the offer on their selling site contentparadise (which was due to too many requests). However the site seems still to be blocked (I tried already about a day ago) …I hope this is not just another form of viral marketing. Poser is a kind of library of 3D human models together with an application to dress them, animate them a bit etc. It is a smaller kind of application – means it has no modeller etc.

2 Responses to “Poser”

  1. nad Says:

    seems to be a real marketing campaign and no viral hoax :):

    contenparadise finally responded last night. so i just tried to download the poser
    files but got the following answer:

    “Download Limit Reached
    Due the the high demand for the Poser 5 free download your download has been delayed temporarily. Please wait several hours before attempting to download again.

    We apologize for the inconvenience however your Poser 5 free download will remain available to you through the MyStuff tab indefinitely. ”

    …. sounds fair to me.

    so if you want to try out how it is to dress virtual models, go ahead…might be nice
    to revoke childhood memories of playing with dolls :)

  2. H. Düppel Says:

    >nad wrote: seems to be a real marketing campaign and no viral hoax :):

    You seem to be not aware of the fact that if you write about poser then you ARE actually already part of a viral marketing campaign. That is what the company wants: that you write about poser, that you encourage people to try the free version and then if your readers do finally get used to the product that they then even would want to pay for it!

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