daytars project “d-room” was originally a proposal for a rhizome commission – however it didnt make it to the rhizome commisson‘s top ten. The proposal URL was only made public for rhizome members and since january the proposal is rotting on our server. So, I thought to make it public now.

The idea of d-room was to provide a “happening facility”, where the happening was to dress each others avatar with wild graphics. And where – for the time being- not the graphical but more the communicative aspect was intended to be in the foreground. We found the rhizome community a good ground for such happenings. d-room was thought as a kind of detournement of nowadays virtual environments and their specific applications – from e.g. the bloodelves of World of war craft to virtual dress rooms and virtual learning environments -each coming with its own codes and laws to deal with humans and their communication with their virtual bodies.

In my last post I was adressing the question of the symbolic value of avatars. Clearly garment is an important factor in the determination of how much of a symbol an avatar is. And it is also clear that this depends on the context, in particular also the cultural context.

And clearly the virtual appearance of an avatar – freed of all “realistic” physical laws – will have unforseeable cultural impacts. snow crashs black sun appearances may be modest.

We meanwhile implemented some more technical prerequisites which can be used for the creation of d-room, however the development is going slow….as I said we didnt get the money :)

our old proposal.

update Oct. 26, 2021:
We never finished d-room, but as mentioned e.g. in this randform post about conveying more complicated messages via human body looks or as can be seen in some more d-room image-experiments in a randform post about self-organization and biologial processes the question of the role of the human body in conveying and representing information is keeping us somewhat haunted. Last but not least we on and off make some experiments with e-textiles.

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  1. Grantgaudi Says:

    Even if the graphical aspect of d-room was not your main concern, i am quite taken by it! do you have more to see? could we dress them?

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