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rome reborn 1.0

Tuesday, June 12th, 2007

The Institute for Advanced Technologies in the Humanities at the University of Virginia recently presented at a press conference in Rome the virtual city project rome reborn 1.0:

Visitors to virtual Rome will be able to do even more than ancient Romans did: They can crawl through the bowels of the Colosseum, filled with lion cages and primitive elevators, and fly up for a detailed look at bas-reliefs and inscriptions atop triumphal arches.

“This is the first step in the creation of a virtual time machine, which our children and grandchildren will use to study the history of Rome and many other great cities around the world,” said Bernard Frischer of the University of Virginia, who led the project.

The $2 million simulation will be used by scientists to run experiments – such as determining the crowd capacity of ancient buildings – and as a scholarly journal that will be updated at each new discovery of one of Rome’s marvels.

(citation from physorg)


Tuesday, June 12th, 2007

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