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3 from 2 follow up

Thursday, June 15th, 2006

we get hyperselfreferential to improve our google ranking :).

I.e. this is a follow up to the two posts “Journées Informatique et Géométrie” 2006 and to 3 from 2 (dimensions of course).— Or to put it differently: I couldn’t resist to try out the software mentioned in 3 from 2 (dimensions of course). As a matter of fact the software works brilliantly on minimalistic math buildings. In particular it turned the image of the Nautibus building on the Campus in Lyon in to a Potyomkin Nautibus. Next time I try Roermond-Ecke-Schönhauser
(“corner of Roermond and Schoenhauser Strasse”).

Unfortunately the jReality filereader (I have nothing to do with this bear!) has sofar no VRML2.0 parser, so I had to use Xj3D, whose navigation is mildly speaking “uncomfortable”. Stay tuned for the parser and in particular for the upcoming jReality release!