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a slant and fact slam

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

There were two reader comments to the nuclear energy overview:

Bibi wrote:

Don’t you think that it would have been better for your career if you would have sticked more to the math and physics you were dealing with in your daily work than with this quite political stuff? As I understood nuclear science is not your speicality so I bet there are enough nuclear scientists who could do a better job than you in explaining the above. For example you could discuss articles in your subject or report about talks. For your art and design audience you could for example explain basic but essential things like vector diagrams.

Victor wrote:

Hi Bibi – I am Victor but I am no diagram! :-)
You are right, important science should explained by experts.
Nuclear tech is clean tech. Author is non-expert.
But randform blog is entertaining. Gives me good times.
Bibi did you see blog post with title: “randform was a bit on the sites” ?
Unemployed randform author says Bill Gates investment in
TWR technology is probably critical! So funny.

This post is an answer to the above comments. The answer includes also a brief outlook on future randform activities.