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Friday, August 28th, 2009

Just a little report from our move back to Berlin where I was driving a little truck.

60km before the city of Leipzig the truck needed to get some fuel. It turned out that the trucks fuel cap was broken. In several calls to the car rental company (always hanging in waiting loops, so that I had to reload my cellular phone in between) I could convince them that I was not too stupid to manage with a fuel cap, because otherwise the filling station attendent would have been too, moreover I could convince them to send a service technician. Luckily the service technician was able to put on a new cap, so that it was possible to move on. He was friendly and said I should ask for a compensation. Altogether I was hanging out alone about 2 and a half hours on that service station before Leipzig (see below images) and thus when arriving in Berlin it was all too late and dark for deloading.