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Küchenschrein & Hundekomfort

Saturday, November 1st, 2008

My sister Anuschka Kutz (who lives in London) and her friend Andrea Benze (who lives in Berlin) will have an exhibition/workshop about their project “Küchenschrein & Hundekomfort” (see also here) in Neufert Box, Rudolstädter Str. 7, 99428 Weimar/Gelmeroda

opening: Do 6.11.08 18.00
Fr 07.11.- So. 30.11.08
Do/Fr 13.00-17.00
Sa/So 10.00-17.00
workshop: 8.11.08

Wie sieht Raum aus, wenn er direkt aus erlebten Situationen, Handlungen und Ritualen der Nutzer abgeleitet wird?

How does space look like, if it is directly derived from experienced situations, actions and rituals of its users?


inne shotzone

Saturday, November 1st, 2008

The below marks on a house in Munichs Schellingstrasse are I think remnants of shootings from the time of WWII. There is a glassplate with the words “wounds of reminiscence” (in german), signed by Passow and Weizäcker, however no explanation so I am not sure.

In Berlin there are also quite some marks like this, unfortunately they are usually covered after rehabilitation and thus the scars of war are getting more and more obliterated. E.g. if I remember correctly the Magnushaus of the german physical society on the street “Am Kupfergraben” was just a few years ago covered with similar shooting marks, the museum right across the street also had some, but they are renovating there too so I dont know wether they are still visible.