inne shotzone

The below marks on a house in Munichs Schellingstrasse are I think remnants of shootings from the time of WWII. There is a glassplate with the words “wounds of reminiscence” (in german), signed by Passow and Weizäcker, however no explanation so I am not sure.

In Berlin there are also quite some marks like this, unfortunately they are usually covered after rehabilitation and thus the scars of war are getting more and more obliterated. E.g. if I remember correctly the Magnushaus of the german physical society on the street “Am Kupfergraben” was just a few years ago covered with similar shooting marks, the museum right across the street also had some, but they are renovating there too so I dont know wether they are still visible.


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  1. Gery Says:

    Why do you write “unfortunately they are usually covered”? -I mean it is understandable that people don’t want to be reminded of these ugly events!

  2. nad Says:


    I think it is less a question of “reminding” of these events -last but not least the people who were more or less directly experiencing this war is getting smaller and smaller – but more about adressing limited imagination. The reality of war is hard to imagine. I think the above marks display the violence of war in a very direct way. It is important that people are aware that war can be real and that it is important to understand the causes of war. It is of course easier to push these thoughts away und to think of WWII as some unique event which was caused by some strange guys and to think of it thus as an event which will never happen again.The third Reich leaders were indeed strange, but their personality was of course not the only reason for this war. Thus in particular such a war may happen again if the causes are similar.

  3. sardonic pleisure Says:

    “wounds of reminescence” – how poetic! My planned book on perennials was informed by educational needs in the sector of the agricultural industry, but of course what you called “inne shotzone” (actually what is “inne”?) points to another elaborate topic: shooting grotings!!
    In some sense this topic was sofar protected from being scrutinized by the tree descriptions which I haven’t finished yet (see comment: but how do germans say: “aufgehoben ist noch nicht aufgeschoben!”

  4. Willhelm der Gro├če Says:

    @sardonic pleisure

    Sorry but I don’t see what your book has to do with the above topics.

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