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der näh-krieg und frieden

Thursday, November 22nd, 2007


The communicative aspect of fashion had interested us already previously (like in our project d-room). In particular in this old post I was fascinated by the possibility to convey messages via fashion (here in form of the accessory fan). Buttons are also a popular method for conveying messages, but the “interactivity” potential which is given by the fan can’t be resumed by the buttons. The new possibilities of e-textiles can certainly be extended from interactive camouflage to a fully fledged on-body messaging board (like e.g. with a flexible e-paper-fabric). I like electronics (and in particular everything which has to do with light and LEDs) and admittingly I have a soft spot for the works of Hussein Chalayan however given the recent IPCC reports on climate change it is may be better not to look at Hussein Chalayan (at least for the moment) but at simpler environmental friendly solutions.

The below images* display a suggestion of how one can e.g. convey messages via ribbons to which I attached a little piece of velcro (unfortunately plastic) so that they stick to a woolen sweater. Of course one could take ribbons in different colors and different shapes as well (a microeconomy entrepreneur could make almost a business!). You can make up your own messages to the images, there is no fixed code to them. The last gif animation displays how one can wobble with the ribbons like with a fan.

Last not least – this messaging solution will face problems in summer.

*thanks to Chrissii for modelling.