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underestimated instruments 5

Wednesday, March 26th, 2008

This is a mobile music edition of underestimated instruments:
we start this with a yellow drum machine (here is a description of this charming robot)
next we have of course the iphone / ipod touch:
iphone music using
iPhone Synth, BeatPhone, pianist, and the incredible
Pocket Guitar
(here is an even older one where the drum part is taken by a nintendo ds)
then there is the anouncement of a nice virtual Korg MS10 (I had the joy of playing with one of them once) for DS:
DS10 (video)

as a sideremark (since here the devices don’t make a sound but controll it):
iphone controls protools
and ableton live controlled by a PSP.
this is an update to underestimated instruments 4