Important things need to be repeated. So this is the first repetition of the announcement of the 2010 initiative, an initiative for raising the awareness for the climate change in the architecture/engineering and design community. As of today the organizers say:

First, a big thank you to everyone who has registered – you are making this an amazing event! As you can see below, people, schools, firms, companies and organizations from all over the world will be tuning in on February 20! This is no small thing, since Noon to 3:30pm EST is very late or very early in many of these countries.

Unfortunately the european response has not been so overwhelming yet, in particular if I look under the letter’s F and G on the participants list then I see for France that the University of Nantes registered and a brave student from the University of Paris (super!) – that is at least something. I was also amazed to see Ghana and even New Zealand on the list! However, as one can see, the german contribution to the climate initiative has been sofar autotally unconvincingin every respect!

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