Mysteries in reality, In and Out of context.


Ira Schneider talking about his and others works at Treffpunkt NBK/meeting point NBK (Neuer Berliner Kunstverein) on Nov. 15, 2006


At the Treffpunkt “In and out of context” Ira Schneider was showing excerpts of old and new video works, including a videowork, which is a video documentation about a current exhibition in Madrid called “First Generation: Art and the Moving Image 1963-1986” (see also here). This video documentation was finished 3 hours before his presentation at the Treffpunkt.

Hence I am reporting now about a recent real life documentation about a brand new video documentation which is about a current museum documentation about video culture in the seventies/eighties (which videos are probably documenting also all sorts of things)…. – so no wonder that this made me think about iterations/recursions and convergence/fixpoints and hence fractals which are usually sets of fixpoints…:)

Ira Schneiders documentation treasured every moment and interaction, he named almost every person in his video. His mixture of documenting the things/works and the “life around” them displayed his true wish to understand the humans involved with the objects and situations they have to deal with.

And yes РI was reminded of Prousts famous citation from La Prisonnière (1923), and I will cite it again (also if I hear already the berlinAntikitschPolice coming). Can one say that (at least) this citation is a kind of literature fixpoint (??:-O):

Le seul v√©ritable voyage, le seul bain de Jouvence, ce ne serait pas d’aller vers de nouveaux paysages, mais d’avoir d’autres yeux, de voir l’univers avec les yeux d’un autre, de cent autres, de voir les cent univers que chacun d’eux voit, que chacun d’eux est.

The NBK – a collective for supporting Berlin artists – is hosting next to their exhibitions, lectures etc. an Artothek i.e. a “public library” to loan out artworks. You can support NBK by e.g. bying one of the Jahresgaben and – being a recurrent theme – I couldn’t resist to link to Guenther Ueckers Jahresgabe..:)

Below are some excerpts from Ira Schneiders exhibition:”Mysteries in Reality”: his installations echo (1975) and timezones (1980) (where echo was in a seperate room, as are his video works) and his contributions to the famous magazine radical software (where I recommend to read also the intro by David Ross at that link). The big hall at NBK contains also stills – or almost stills…:) : – like snow and water.





2 Responses to “Mysteries in reality, In and Out of context.”

  1. peyzaj Says:

    New generation of landscape paysage applications very good idea, thank you from cakil peyzaj.

  2. nad Says:

    Hello cakil peyzaj

    thanks for the comment. I don’t speak turkish, but as I understand the URL you
    had been linking to is from a landscape shop in Adana. I usually block commercial URLs because I regard them usually as spam. In this case it seems though you may have been interested in an artistic discussion about landscapes and that is why you linked to the images from your shop. I do think the landscapes of Ira Schneider and the designs of your designers (see e.g. this image on this page ) are quite different. I don’t know wether Ira Schneider or people from the NBK are reading this blog, so I suggest if you are really interested in a discussion about landscapes it may make more sense to contact the Neue Berliner Kunstverein directly.

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