trees in the urbanforest.

via slanted.

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  1. nad Says:

    The above link seems broken, what is meant by urbanforest?
    ->Its an US project, the new website is here

  2. nad Says:

    The link to the project, which I had mentioned in the comment above seems to be outdated again.
    Anyways here the post about the project on slanted. A link to the urbanforestproject in other cities and in particular in Baltimore by Whitney Sherman. In her post it is said that the project was initiated by company worldstudioinc:

    Established in 1995, Worldstudio is a strategy and communications firm that works in two ways; through the Social initiatives it develops and the Client services it provides.

    For the patient reader here a quick link to the game The wisdom and/or madness of crowds in which you can -amongst others – chop graphs. As mathematical trees are special types of graphs (in particular they don’t have cycles) that means – depending on what you do – there may even be some trees to be chopped in that game (german version via Stefan Münz).

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