silent french battles in berlin


mysterious graffiti as seen from the Berlin S-Bahn

The VVR berek – a subsidiary company of the Berlin public transport company BVG which is in charge for selling advertisement spaces in Berlin public transport is going to be sold. Unexpectedly…

…not the local Wall got the acceptance of bid, but the parisian company JCDecaux (and the company Wall thinks of moving to Hamburg as a kind of protest). One expects the campains to get more agressive now. In particular the art wall in the underground of Berlin Alexanderplatz seems to be in danger.

(first image from flickr, second from wikipedia).

Whatsoever – I found already the old advertisment campaigns agressive enough: left image – a bus how it looked in my childhood; right image – a bus how it approximately looks now. Sometimes you can’t even look out of the window when sitting inside the bus. The images are an example for nowadays increased visual pollution with advertisement. Plus JCDecaux knows no modesty when doing advertisments for themselves.
So lets see.

However, there is some protest against visual pollution, like from members of the Berlin parliament. And it seems as if a faint but efficient french protest swapped over to Berlin (already before JCDecaux) — see image above. ?

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