Moiré and more

moire.jpg has a mixture of experiments and visualizations of math content. And their radial Moiré is about as nice as our rand-Moiré…

4 Responses to “Moiré and more”

  1. julia Says:

    utmost psychadelic

  2. randform » Blog Archive » trampoline night Says:

    […] last night was trampoline night with our installation seidesein. seidesein (the above blurry Moire seidesein image is an artefact..:)) was installed in the hallway together with Aram Bartholls nice project “First Person Shooter” […]

  3. Rahima Says:

    Je cherc he des documents sur le phénomène de moiré et surtout des images anniméés

  4. nad Says:

    Rahima said:”Je cherc he des documents sur le phénomène de moiré et surtout des images anniméés”

    Translation: I look for documents about the moiré-phenomenom and in particular animations.

    @Rahima: Sorry, I don’t know about any special moiré sites, I just stumbled upon the above mentioned one. The word “rand-moiré” mentioned above was referring to the original style of the randform blog (a bit of it you can see here.)

    desoleé, je ne connais pas des documents spécialisé sur le phénomène de moiré, j’ai trebuché sur le site mentioné au-dessus par hazard. Le mot “rand-moiré”
    mentioné au-dessus est une référence au style original du blogue randform (un peu du style ici.)

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