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Yes – I have a weakness for oriental architecture (see also this old randform post) and I admit – our website design is depite the 70′s wallpaper hanging from above rather a pure adaptation of this gorgeous site about the topkapi palace! Although this topkapi palace main page is lowbandwidth/cellular-phone-unfriendly programmed in flash – the music on the site should sound enough inviting for everybody to take a trip to Istanbul into serious consideration.*

* (don’t forget to bring something to drink with you if you plan a long visit at the palace, there are various temperatures in Istanbul)

Oriental architecture is influenced by Islam (like e.g. the calligraphy at the Taj Mahal)- a religion which has been lately under fierce discussion in the western world. Those who do not know so much about the Islam may get a better access to it by looking at Islamic influenced art: Universes in Universe- Art from Islamic influenced countries and regions, a project in collaboration with the Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations, Germany.

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