labs that never sleep

look at the unseeable or: daily life with a particle accelerator described by Dawn Stanton in this article by

A little excerpt from the text:
“Nearby, Marie-Claude Cousinou of France’s Centre de Physique des Particules de Marseille views a constantly changing 3D chart of red, blue, and yellow bars: the detector’s interpretations of electromagnetic energy, hadronic energy, and missing energy, respectively. Sometimes the amount of missing energy, compared to the bars of known energy, is astounding: a yellow skyscraper amidst blue and red tents.”

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  1. randform » Blog Archive » micro graphics Says:

    […] This post is sort of a followup to e.g. this randform post as it covers the unseeable. […]

  2. nad Says:

    sometimes one sees exiting things: like the uub and the ddb baryon!:
    link to

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