Donkey Kong on a sculpture

a literally 3d video game.
From the description on the site: “xBlocks is a convergence between video games & sculpture — liberating play from the screen. It is a mixed reality installation inspired by traditional platform games of the late 1980s such as Super Mario Brothers or Pitfall. Using standard game controllers, two opposing players must help their characters navigate in and around a three dimensional maze. The real challenge comes, not from traditional game mechanics but rather from moving with your character as he sprints around corners and jumps between the installation’s two play surfaces.”

The xblocks 3D maze is a fairly straight und unloaded sculpture. I wonder how a video game could work e.g. on Rodins Burgers of Calais :-O:

2 Responses to “Donkey Kong on a sculpture”

  1. timh Says:

    would that be an ego shooter game then (more realistic terrain etc…)? :-)

  2. nad Says:

    thanks to riesenmaschine, we know now
    how this looks on a poloshirt and in virtual 3D…

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