happy new year 2010


ranform wishes all its clients a happy new year and not a happy new ear !

Again on new years eve we will try to avoid the inner districts of Berlin since the roads in Berlin usually feel almost like being in a war at that evening.

Below are some images from the Nishinihon firework show in Ohori Park, Fukuoka from over a year ago. Here firework specialists are creating an amazing firework with high precision. The specialists are even able to rather scientifically predict the height and time of detonation in such a way that they are able to create little images like a smilie or a heart (please see below). Where it should be said that a heart which is poetically dropping down from the skies is of course hilarously kitchy.

Remark: The images were made with a small canon without a tripod.

ohori2IMG_5703-450.JPGohori3IMG_5796-450.JPG ohori4IMG_5797-450.JPG ohori5IMG_5724-450.JPG ohori6IMG_5725-450.JPG ohori7IMG_5721-450.JPG ohori8IMG_5674-450.JPG ohori9IMG_5670-450.JPG ohori10IMG_5754-450.JPG ohori11IMG_5671-450.JPG ohori12IMG_5789-450.JPG ohori13IMG_5753-450.JPG ohori14IMG_5637-450.JPG ohori15IMG_5638-450.JPG ohori16IMG_5756-450.JPG ohori17IMG_5759-450.JPGohori18IMG_5758-450.JPG ohori19IMG_5732-450.JPG ohori20IMG_5768-450.JPG ohori21IMG_5631-450.JPG

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  1. Rachel Says:

    Thanks for replying to my comment – you did a nice song in the video clipse for happy holiday song at http://www.daytar.de/art/lowArt/InDulciJubiloMVI_4275/InDulciJubiloWeb.html however the image there is bit boring. I think a little more action than filming light bulbs is better. At least you could show some images like the above images of fire work to your happy holidays music.

    By the way incandescent light bulbs are not very energy efficient.

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