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For those of you who do not want solely to leano n to sugar in your chrismas cookie bakery or for those who do not party chrismas here a receipe of something salty. In particular if you have a big party this receipe saves you from bying additional disposable plastic cutlery or it saves you from storing tons of steel cutlery, so this may make baeking perhaps look a little bit more ecologic…

We were following an idea of Julien Madérou (via Cuartoderecha) who made cutlery out of Pâte brisée, which the dictionary told us is shortcrust. May be the german receipe for shortcrust is different from the french one since our cutlery looks a bit different than the one from Julien Madérou (see image below). In particular the scoops became rather flat plates…oops. But we were using some spices so the scoops were at least yummy.

But apart from its flatness the shortcrust scoop is not very appropriate for food which is too liquid, like e.g. a soop. So we tried to cut a carrot, i.e. we wanted to use the carrot not as a stick like Nathalie did in her suggestion, but to carve it into a soop scoop. This turned out to be not so good, because the carrot cannot be carved round enough. It did keep the liquid in the long tube though, i.e. a carrot works in principle. Next time I’ll try to carve a cabbage turnip into a scoop.

Merry partying!


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