commander YYY is watching you


“commander YYY is watching you” pencil, aquael color pencil, silhouette, artwork by tamchudessatamleshebrodit

Just a quick link to a rather recent site which hosts free math books.

The above image is of course not from a recent sci-fi comic..:-)…but a mathematical object called an omnitruncated 5-cell (drawn partially). It can be better perceived in landscape mode, since there is a slight horizontal perspective:


2 Responses to “commander YYY is watching you”

  1. M. Bogdanovich Says:

    Is this really an omnitruncated 5-cell?

  2. nad Says:

    I wrote that the omnitruncated 5-cell is only partially there. In particular it seems the artist used his artistic freedom to underline rather some essentials of the overall construction of it, than to stay strictly to displaying it faithfully. Thus maybe this doesnt work on a full mathematical scale – nevertheless underlining the involved or possibly involved constructional concepts may also further understanding. Finally the artwork is called “commander YYY is watching you” and not “omnitruncated 5-cell”. Wikipedia hosts good images of a “real” omnitruncated 5-cell and even a link to a 3D applet.

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