swiss bricks and giant steps

a comment on architecture in different contexts: two videos by Michal Levy and Pierre-Abraham Rochat

image from “Giant Steps” by Michal Levy


image from “bricks” by Pierre-Abraham Rochat

bricks – is a video narrative about two invisible people whose interaction can be imagined via the action of architectural elements which define the space around them. The video is by Pierre-Abraham Rochat who did this video, i think, as part of his Diplômé HES in visual communication (département Media and Interaction Design) at l’Ecal (école cantonale d’art de Lausanne) in 2005. It had been completely done with blender (about blender see also previous post).

His video reminds me of another very cool architectural video, named “Giant Steps” by Michal Levy (see first image) – also a graduation project in a Visual Communication Department (at the academy of Arts and Design at Bezalel). However Levy’s project is rather a synaesthetic visual play with the music “Giant Steps” by John Coltrane, while Rochat’s piece is more about the architectural abstraction of a narrative (although the sound is also not bad!).

Merci to M. Slip for the link to Michal Levy’s “giant steps”.

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