stelarc is an australian artist who investigates the man-machine evolutionary step with his own body. He was giving a lecture yesterday at the transmediale.

Since nobody was responding on the ticketphone for transmediale I just went there. Luckily I guessed right that the location “@studio” on the transmediale website meant the west berlin academy of art and not the east berlin academy of art. However the lecture was apparently already sold out at noon. There were quite a bit of people which came from foreign countries and who like me didn’t manage to extract the right information from the transmediale website.

So I looked at the closing doors and how people were talking to each other in the lounge and went.

->stelarc’s fractal flesh

As I tried to explain in my previous posts it is not so sure, wether mankind will ever reach the posthuman state or any other condition at all. And yes it is hard to comunicate why scientists see so much evidence for not reaching that state due to the climate change , if they fail to do a good weather forecast for more than 3 days. However the two things are different and may be it is at the moment more convincing to look at the number of scientists who warn TODAY.

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