fun with wiimote


It seems the minute Nintendo’s nextGen console wii was out, people started to hack it

and while there is still no general exploit allowing to say boot linux on it, the wiis most prominent feature, its controller (named wiimote for some reason) is already well understood (It is a bluetooth device and therefore able to connect with a regular windows/linux/macos box that has bluetooth, like a mac book for example standard computer). In this video you can see the curves from the accelerometer readings and here you can see that the IR sensor can be used as well (this is crucial for having an absolute reference for say “pointing at the screen”) – the guy is drawing in inkscape. The “sensor bar” that ships with the Wii is actually only two IR LEDs and does no mesurements at all. Its only use is to provide two points of reference that can be detected from the controllers IR camera. It can easily be replaced with a selfmade one.

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