no facebook

In case someone tries to contact me via facebook, like in particular from the fashion hackdays group: my facebook account was deactivated, because it was probably hacked via a phishing attack. Reactivation seems only possible by uploading personal documents, which I won’t.

2 Responses to “no facebook”

  1. Beim heilicken Bimmelbammel Says:

    Reactivation seems only possible by uploading personal documents, which I won’t.

    Isn’t that a bit paranoic? Do you think if you leave your adress – then Mr. Zuckerberg will come and get you?!? 😂 😂

  2. nad Says:

    Isn’t that a bit paranoic?

    If you get the message that your account had eventually been hacked would you upload personal documents?

    I had meanwhile contacted facebook via email, they recommended to report the account as being hacked. The email replies appeared to me though as being automatic computer bot replies. In particular as a help the emails basically referred to documentation websites, which I had already consulted with no avail. The documentation asks to log in and follow the instructions. But as said logging into a possibly hacked account and providing any kind of information or even uploading sensitive documents makes no sense. If you have any hints on how to sort this out – then please let me know.

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