Protest against Berlin Tesla Gigafactory

Tim and me hereby protest against the current plans to build a car gigafactory in Berlin’s vicinity as it poses a too big threat to Berlin’s water supply. There had been massive droughts in the last two years in Brandenburg and the factory is sought to use up as much water as over 75 000 people (for estimation: approx. the amount of people who arrived during the refugee crises in Berlin). Apart from this it is thought to be partially built into a high degree water protection area. We are joined in this protest among others by Nora and Theresa Lantez (website) who live much closer to the envisaged plant and for whom the impact on their living environment would be very direct and rather destructive. Here you can see Theresa dancing:
Theresa Lantez in Bernau.

5 Responses to “Protest against Berlin Tesla Gigafactory”

  1. Joey Says:

    Elon Musk is a visionary and a pioneer. I guess you know already about Space X, here a report in german:

    Did you see the spacesuits? He is such a cool guy.

  2. E. Satsuma Says:

    Elon Musk our cordial hero ;)

  3. nad Says:

    Joey asked:

    Did you see the spacesuits?

    Yes I saw the suits. They looked good. They seem to be inspired by the costumes of the peacekeeper troops:
    I wish all the space scientists a safe journey to and back from the ISS!

    Space X and all other space programs are doing impressive work.

    In general it has though to be said that I feel not so comfortable with how some of the space missions are financed. In particular financing scientific space programs via space tourism seems quite a ressource expensive way. But I understand that some entities may see this as a kind of last resort.

    And even if Space X and Tesla seem to be officially more or less separate:
    – I got the impression that things get a bit too overstrained here.

    The water situation in the Berlin region (and actually also in other more or less nearby regions) is really bad and it doesn’t look as this is going to change in the forseeable future -on the contrary. I thus see big problems ahead and I perceive the plans for the giga factory as a menace. So I have mixed feelings watching that Space X programs.

  4. DarthJoker Says:

    clubs die in Berlin an pplz neeD party in boondocks.

    Musk installs the suuuuuuuuuuuuuper cool RAVE CAVE WITH AN EPIC SOUND SYSTEM AND WOOFERS THE SIZE OF A CAR”
    invites Rammstein

  5. nad Says:

    I find giant amplifiers rather terrible, so even before Corona I went to pop/rock music events usually only if they were open air and/or there was enough room to evade the loudness of amplifiers. Some festivals are even with ear plugs way too loud. But maybe I change my opinion if I get old and nearly deaf.

    I am not so sure if Rammstein would follow the invitation, if they find out that chemical waters from the giga factory poison their drinking water. There had already been some protests by Berlin musicians against the Tesla giga factory, in particular by musician Julia Neigel who recently sang for the band Silly.
    Her protest was even mentioned in one of Berlins biggest tabloids the BZ: Natursch├╝tzerin Julia Neigel kritisiert Brandenburgs Beh├Ârden bei Tesla-Fabrik.
    As I said already above – the giga factory is envisaged to be partially built into a high degree water protection area. Among others she critisized that the hydrogeological details, which explain the high protection status like that the area is connected to the Urstromtal were only made public after request.

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