Theresa and Nora Lantez

update 6.2.11: Here an image of yesterdays great show. Nora and Theresa Lantez dancing “Farruquita por las dos” as a fight of the generations.
(eventually some more images to come)

Short note for the Berlin locals. Theresa Lantez, featured in this randform post runs a show with her mother Nora Lantez on saturday. Nora Lantez is a professional balletdancer (education Berlin) with a 3 years extra specialization in “spanish dance”. The show “Flamenco- Impressions” is at Studiobühne at the FF Marzahn, music by Cayenne Katrin and Josè Ramirez.

4 Responses to “Theresa and Nora Lantez”

  1. Das Mathe-Kollektiv Says:

    Sorry, but your latest music recommendations on randform
    were not really up-to-date -> Like what more modern music would you listen to?

  2. nad Says:

    More modern? Difficult. There is way too much out there for listing what to listen to. But if you want to know what I was just listening to – right in this moment – then this was this danger mouse mark linkous music.

  3. Don Whoan Says:

    Flamenco is great – there are great dancers even on spanish streets:

    What a pity that Germany has no dance tradition, where percussion mixes with body movements as in Flamenco! But on the other hand you guys produce nice cars!

  4. nad Says:

    Don Whoan wrote:

    “What a pity that Germany has no dance tradition, where percussion mixes with body movements as in Flamenco!”

    Germany has actually some tradition of dances which mix percussion with body movements. These dances, called Schuhplattler, are usually danced by men although they where originally gender mixed dances, but in modern times there are also some women who try to give german traditions a new touch:

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