A hitchhikers guide through the Berlin traffic galaxy

For those who are interested in what keeps us busy – here is one thing: Local politics and in particular Berlin traffic planning.
If you are able to endure german subscripts you might watch our attempt to convince people that their ideas of traffic load removal may have the opposite effect of what they think.
If not -Tim had only very few hours to work on the music but you might just enjoy his lofty kind of ambient electronica.

5 Responses to “A hitchhikers guide through the Berlin traffic galaxy”

  1. Dschisüss Says:

    Wow -there is a black hole in the center of Berlin

  2. nad Says:

    The big dark “hole” in the above screenshot of Berlin is Tempelhof airport.

  3. Dschisüss Says:

    Tempelhof? is this the former Berlin temple district?

  4. nad Says:

    Tempelhof got it’s name from the Templars. “Hof” means court/yard. That is some Templars – after they had been expelled from Jerusalem – settled there. Wikipedia writes:

    “The centre of the settlement, consisting of the church and the original estate, was fortified and originally completely surrounded by water. The Templars were joined by fifteen families of landless farmers’ sons from the Rhine, who could not inherit any estate from their parents because of over-fragmentation of those estates. Legates of the Templars offered them fertile soil and the protection of Tempelhove’s stronghold. “

  5. Pferdegetschirr Says:

    If the Berlin city structure is under such a pressure that people demand a “Zuzugsstopp” then it maybe important to have a good highway to bring in help from outside fast:
    https://www.mos.ru/news/item/62143073/ (film of the “parad gorodskoi tekhniki” (parade of city tech))

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