We will tailor what you want

“We will taylor what you want ” Hannah Perner-Wilson explaining the shop concept of her and Mika Satomi’s new shop, the: “KOBA Maßschneiderei”

Since over 10 years Hannah Perner-Wilson who is -amongst others- also involved in the previously mentioned Gloves project has been running the website “Kobakant” together with collaborator Mika Satomi. The site incorporates the well-known documentation of DIY wearable technologies projects and ressources called “How you get what you want”.

Recently both decided to test the commercial potentialities of a technology which has sofar seen only few broadly disseminated applications. However instead of following an industrial inquiry path they focus in their new project on individual desires and so opened up a shop in which you can come up with your ideas:

We want to find out what people want e-textile and wearable technology to do for them by providing a place to come with your ideas. We will subsidize the work in our shop so that we can spend time developing custom solutions while keeping it affordable for as many people as possible.

The shop is thought to be running for one year.
The current shop opening hours are
Fri&Sat 13:00 – 19:00
Görlitzer Strasse 72 (Kreuzberg)
10997 Berlin, Germany

They also organise a shoptalk discussion series, the next talk will be:
“How do we know what we want? – Made-to-Order or Mass Production?”

Here some images from the opening and from pieces in the (opening) collection:

The opening was quite packed.

“What we produce, what we consume” -The shop is also seen as an experiment in sustainability.

On the right the project “ohne mich” (“without me”).

“Unentschlossen” (“undecided”)

“The crying dress.”

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