trampoline night

last night was trampoline night with our installation seidesein. seidesein (the above blurry Moire seidesein image is an artefact..:)) was installed in the hallway together with Aram Bartholls nice project “First Person Shooter”

Unfortunately Aram and me couldn’t take part in all the various events, because we had to guard our installations. So once in a while we had to shoot each other as can be seen below. But I was happy to get at least a glimpse of Frank Abotts charming british “raking the lawn” project (big image in the middle). Finally I could also lift the secret of the double identity of my figurine: constance and Soyuz 17 are twins!…and both were in the nuclear bunker…

Watching the people playing seidesein was a lot of fun and really interesting for me. It is incredible how differently people react on it.
and yes – the most interesting interactions took part with advancing time…however at that point my cameras batteries were empty…:)

->many thanks to Robert, Joerg, Sirko and Wolle who helped me with carrying and setting up the equipment.


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