Latexaccess and Reformvorschläge in der Sozialversicherung

Some time ago randform had a blogpost on the mathematical typesetting software LaTeX, however we sofar had not installed LaTeX. On one hand this was due to the fact that until somewhat recently it would have been necessary to install LaTeX on our server for that purpose. Moreover there was sofar no big need to have LaTeX here, because randform hasn’t sofar used too many math formulas. With the tool MathJax, which is offered as a WordPress plugin and with in particular the MathJax possibility to link to a javascript library (which considerably reduces serverspace) we now test the possibility to typeset LaTeX on this blog.

So here as the first typesetting experiment with MathJax: the formula for the suggested function in the petition “Reformvorschläge in der Sozialversicherung”

sideremark: A search with keyword “LaTeX” on, a website which is offering the possibility to launch petitions, which are not allowed on the official petition website of the german parliament (like the above petition) offered just some Google ads with the typical offers you get when you type in latex.

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