retro LED


Above “devil” (thats how I called her) is my personal piece of “wearable computing”. I soldered it when I was 11 years old…so yes…this was still in the seventies.


The “chain” are the cables, the battery had to be worn in a pocket inside a dress. The eyes are flashing in red and the nose is flashing in yellow (!?) ; white or blue LED hadn`t been yet invented in the seventies. She lost already all her woolen hair – the dark area on top is the rest of her hair, like a good old teddy. One eye doesnt work anymore.

At that time I had imagined to wear it in a disco – thats somehow what I imagined people wear in a disco at the age of eleven, watching shows like Disco with Ilja Richter. but one year later – being with a youth group in Austria – when I was indeed sneeking into a disco (which was quite a nightmare experience) the others forbid me to wear my devil…

So its a bit pity that I didn’t find the time to go to the IFA to see this current trend in wearable LED`s ;)
(via Etienne)

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    […] In the upcoming semester Tim is going to teach geometry at the Technical University of Munich so it`s time to get an update on the latest trends in alpine customs, like these interfacing lederhosen (this is an update to this old “wearable computing post“). lederhosen by the way are perfect for high tech gadgets as you can’t wash them. (for that reason even Berlin kids were wearing them in my times…) […]

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