brain control of robotic limbs

“mental diffusion”, artwork by Jonah Gekoppi.

After monkeys were successfully able to control an robotic arm via their brain activity the new turn is now on humans.
You may want to read the article: Human Trials Planned For Brain Computer Interface , it is a bit related to the machine-human discussion in the recently uploaded game- scheme- article.

From the article:

The algorithms in the machine must first learn the patterns of brain activity that occur when the human is either imagining or physically carrying out a task. As the system becomes familiar with the neural commands, the patient’s control over it becomes more seamless.

A video of the results shows a woman trying to play a computer game by imagining the moves. When she loses control of the ball on the screen, the patient throws out a physical cue—raising her arm—to help the computer refine its estimation of her intentions.

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