Last summer we did a trip to Burg Prunn. Burg Prunn is located in the Altmühlthal – a valley which is said to be have been settled already by the Neanderthals and which I knew already before the construction of the Rhein-Main-Donau Kanal. Burg Prunn was together with its owner de Prunne first mentioned in 1037. It is one of the few places where a manuscript of the Nibelungenlied was found. In 1147 it was sold to the gents Laaber who did a lot of the medieval construction work and after some other owners it was sold in 1338 to Hans I. von Fraunberg. Our tourist guide categorized the Fraunbergs officially as “Raubritter“, i.e. as Barons which – according to our guide, if I recall correctly – made on average approximately 25% return from their ventures, which ranged from the usual fiefdom to plain robbery. After the Fraunbergs, who stayed there basically until they died out the castle was sold to Karl Köckh zu Mauerstetten und Bodenmais. The Köckh had a weakness for architecture and thus the Köckhs did beautiful Renaissance constructions. After the Thirty Years’ War the castle had to be sold again to a Field Marshal Truckmiller and and in 1672 it was sold to the Jesuits. In 1773 it went into the hands of the Johanniter, however after their commandry was abrogated the kings of Bavaria took over the castle and finally it went to the bavarian Palace Department.

Below you can see some shots from the castle including jails and torture chamber. By the way the little house attached to the wall (second and third picture) is a toilet with a so to say free-fall-flush. The little village underneath is called Nusshausen.


prunn2-IMGP2051-450.JPG prunn2.5-IMGP2045-450.JPG prunn3-IMGP2035-450.JPG prunn3.08-IMGP2026-450.JPG prunn3.09-IMGP1828-450.JPG prunn3.1-IMGP1909-450.JPG prunn3.12-IMGP1933-450.JPG prunn3.11-IMGP2042-450.JPG prunn3.2-IMGP2056-450.JPG prunn3.5-IMGP1848-450.JPG prunn4-IMGP1985-450.JPGprunn5-IMGP1940-450.JPG prunn5.5-IMGP1927-450.JPG prunn7-IMGP1917-450.JPGprunn8-IMGP1908-450.JPG prunn6-IMGP1888-450.JPG prunn9-IMGP1928-450.JPG prunn10-IMGP1954-450.JPG prunn10.5-IMGP1961-450.JPG prunn11-IMGP1958-450.JPG prunn12-IMGP1956-450.JPG prunn12.5-IMGP1865-450.JPG

prunn13-IMGP1974-450.JPG prunn14.5-IMGP1945-450.JPG prunn15-IMGP1976-450.JPG prunn16-IMGP1967-450.JPG prunn17-IMGP1973-450.JPG

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