yamakasa festival

Last year we visited the socalled Yamakasa festival in Fukuoka, Japan, from wikipedia:

Yamakasa – held for two weeks each July, is Fukuoka’s oldest festival with a history of over 700 years. Teams of men (no women, except small girls, are allowed), representing different districts in the city, race against the clock around a set course carrying on their shoulders floats weighing several thousand pounds. Participants all wear shimekomi (called fundoshi in other parts of Japan), which are traditional loincloths. Each day of the two-week festival period is marked by special events and practice runs, culminating in the official race that takes place the last morning before dawn. Tens of thousands line the streets to cheer on the teams. During the festival period, men can be seen walking around many parts Fukuoka in long happi coats bearing the distinctive mark of their team affiliation and traditional geta sandals. The costumes are worn with pride and are considered appropriate wear for even formal occasions, such as weddings and cocktail parties, during the festival period.

Yamacasa is quite a dizzying event that is if you are amidst it is hard to figure out what is going to happen, there is a lot of press and and a lot, lot of people at the festival. here some images:

yama1450IMG_4797.JPG yama2450IMG_4806.JPG yama3450IMG_4864.JPG yama4450IMG_4824.JPG yama5450IMG_4950.JPG yama6450IMG_4826.JPG yama7450IMG_4788.JPG yama8450IMG_4916.JPG yama8.3450.JPG yama9450IMG_4946.JPG yama10450IMG_4893.JPG yama11450IMG_4860.JPG yama12450IMG_4947.JPG yama13450IMG_4948.JPG yama14450IMG_4909.JPG yama15450IMG_4890.JPG yama16450IMG_4938.JPG yama17450IMG_5007.JPG yama18450IMG_4839.JPG yama19450IMG_4956.JPG yama20450IMG_4962.JPG yama21450IMG_4970.JPG yama22450IMG_4993.JPG yama23450IMG_4997.JPG yama24450IMG_5001.JPG yama25450IMG_5037.JPG yama25450IMG_5019.JPG yama26450IMG_5021.JPG yama27450IMG_5024.JPG yama28450IMG_5034.JPG yama29450IMG_5050.JPG yama30450IMG_4981.JPG yama31450IMG_5043.JPG yama32450IMG_4982.JPG

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