fast ping

Just a fast ping (I am actually not sure wether the word “ping” can be used in normal day english?) from France with some random images of my journey from munich to the school site.


2 Responses to “fast ping”

  1. snipy Says:

    Since when are mathematical summer schools taking place in the “Institut du Radium”?

  2. nad Says:

    i wrote “to the school SITE”, meaning that the school took place at the same site as the Musee Curie/Institut Radium, in particular I didnt want to say that it was taking place in the same building. The building where the summer school took place – the Institut Henri Poincare – is right opposite to the Musee Curie.

    I forgot to take a picture of the access of the Institut Henri Poincare, that’s why I choose the access of the Institut Radium. Apart from that “Institut Radium” looks kind of more spectacular.

    I have only a picture from the access of the Institut Poincare which was on a conference announcement attached to a board in the Institut. But it is out of focus.
    Here it is – an inside look-out on the outside-in of the Institut…:


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