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a post about austrian/german cuisine

Whereas in the western world japanese/chinese and other asian restaurants/cafes/shops are meanwhile quite common (see e.g. below image of a chinese cafeteria), it is yet not so common to find e.g. austrian/bavarian or other european counterparts (apart may be from pizzerias) in Asia. However they exist. Unfortunately simple nowadays traditional german cuisine uses a lot of meat (sausages), fish and cheese, so to a not too small part it is rather unhealthy and climate unfriendly and thus this particular part of german food culture should better be not imported to Asia. However part of the very old traditional german food (like e.g. the one for the poor in the middle ages) is not so meat oriented. In particular there exist a great variety of bread and other baked cereals, which are usually not available in a foreign country.

Below you can find some images from an austrian bakery in Japan, which looked besides the japanese price tags very authentic. It is truthfully nice to see such an exchange of culture and hospitality, especially as this cultural export here is originating from a city with a difficult heritage.

It would have been even nicer if there would have been a greater variety of whole food items at this place, because there is meanwhile quite a tradition of this in Germany/Austria – but at least – they even sell real sourdough bread there!


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