I got some hints that my last posts were a bit too technical. So here some pictures from Tenjin in Hakata. It is not easy to summarize all the impressions one gets from this part of Fukuoka. It is a strange mixture of decent shops and restaurants on one hand and on the other hand bars, which look more as if they belong to some red light district. There were quite some women on the roads which didnt look too happy.


3 Responses to “Tenjin”

  1. spaghettini Says:

    There were quite some women on the roads which didnt look too happy.

    Which women do you mean ?
    The women in the last image is maybe unhappy, because of her own body shape. Especially at later ages keeping in shape is a lot of work! I recommend yoga, meditation, massage and healthy smoothies. That brings back self-confidence and positive thinking.

  2. shapynotscrapy Says:

    spaghettini darling ! c’mon you know that yoga and smoothies won’t do the job cuz just gooo loook at her ! she missed treat her nasolabials with restylane from 25 and talking of y’a know – Microdermabrasion goes and makes her look like scrapyday on ice an Fraxxel-Lasering is no help either betcha she better bake some more rolls an hurry and enter fully facelift!

  3. Anne Saarland Says:

    I think the woman is just a bit absent-minded looking, maybe she is trying to find out how many more rolls she needs to bake for inviting her nephew to the movies.

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