one month of elephant’s dream


to the day one month ago the world’s first truly open source short movie made its online appearance. Since then a vivid discussion about “what is it all about” emerged (see e.g. here (german)). As for end of May they counted half a million downloads. The project was realized almost etirely by using open source software (most prominently blender for modeling) and sponsored and hosted by the Netherlands Media Art Institute. (complete credits here)

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  1. randform » Blog Archive » swiss bricks and giant steps Says:

    […] bricks – is a video narrative about two invisible people whose interaction can be imagined via the action of architectural elements which define the space around them. The video is by Pierre-Abraham Rochat who did this video, i think, as part of his Diplômé HES in visual communication (département Media and Interaction Design) at l’Ecal (école cantonale d’art de Lausanne) in 2005. It had been completely done with blender (about blender see also previous post). […]

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