no popping eye balls


but popping ball lightning (or at least ball lightning like plasma clouds). These are generated by an underwater discharge of a lousy 60 Ampere (so not for pocket use). Experiment (and image) are from Max-Plack-Institute für Plasmaphysik (german). An englisch translation is available at

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  1. nad Says:

    there is actually an interesting link, relating this project to the previous blog-entry.
    Thanks to Alvaro for pointing it out to us! It was probably originally on the
    blog however I found that link first (to my astonishment :)) on the blog of a popular french graphiste :) (my guess is that he got it from where I
    think it was posted by Usman Haque ? (the blog entry is unfortunately destroyed at the moment due to provider problems)

    Annoyingly I actually couldnt find papers about this project on the website of Keio University! The physics behind it is not so new, however I could imagine
    that there are technological problems (the mirrors?!?!) so that I couldnt find another example of that kind.

    or may be dr0p was reading!?!?

  2. Jean-Pierre Lussac-Perpignan Says:

    I accidentally surfed here to this “historical randform post” (which was linked to from your post about more or less un-conventional approaches to nuclear fusion like in particular cold fusion), because I am also interested in unconventional approaches to fusion science. Did you notice that there were successful experiments with aneutronic fusion, like with hydrogen-boron fusion? These may mitigate eventually upcoming problems of d-T fusion due to Lithium shortages.

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