the two faces of manormerry


As everybody may have noticed by now there has been a strike in the London Underground. The above news stand may indicate that Londoners were not so happy with it. The strike is adding to general complaints about the overall bad shape of the system and of the service provided by private companies. It reminds me of current thoughts to privatize the german railways called Die Bahn. And in fact in view that a train ticket to London costs about 500 Euros which is about five times the price of a plane ticket and the fact that you are not even able to find this price online (not to talk about online booking…), I rather do not want to think what happenes if the Bahn would have several new owners.

Due to the strike we were making trips into the vicinity, which were reachable by bus or just strolled around.

On sunday we visited Eltham palace, which is a funny mixture between an art deco kind of english manor house and a giant middle age bankett hall:

Since I observed a similar middle age/art deco style mix at a local church around here I am tempted to look for more examples:

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