helle mitte

Today I went to watch the community art project “Wir im Quartier” in the shopping mall “helle Mitte”.

The portraits were done within 7 weeks in various workshops by inhabitants of Hellersdorf. From the website “Wir im Quartier”:

Die ungewöhnliche Ausstellung umfasst rund 50 großformatig gemalte Porträts von Bewohnerinnen und Bewohnerinnen des Bezirkes. Diese sind keinesfalls unzufrieden, dabei buchstäblich in der Luft zu hängen. Ihre Bilder sind an Seilen in luftigen rund 10 Metern Höhe in der Hellen Passage verspannt.

translation without guarantee:

The unusual exhibition covers about 50 large-sized painted portraits of inhabitants of the area. They are in no account unhappy to hang literally in air. Their images are wired along cords in airy 10 meters in the “Helle Passage”.


A similar project of mapping portraits of inhabitants of this city into architectural space (a new trend?) took place in mitte-mitte – to be precise at Winsstr Prenzlauer Berg, however there I couldnt find a website and so I dont know wether this was/is a community art project. The fotographs look like professional black and whites:


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