screenshot of monoface, mono‘s happy new year flash greeting card (slightly modified in order to make it more look like me..:)).

via cuartoderecha.

Tha application monoface mixes up face parts of people from mono. The application is reminicent to a popular game on paper, where various people have to draw body parts in order to design a complete creature.

cloneGiz (daytar 3/2004) also “mixes parts of faces”. It has a mathematical “selection layer”, means you do not select by picking with your mouse as in monoface but you have to write a formula, which produces the outcome.

The main idea of cloneGiz was not to mix funny faces (although you can do this) but to ask the question of how one can controll the final product (the mixed face) by changing the mathematical formula. It links the mathematical language to a visual “representation”. This project was also made in order to illustrate an ongoing project of linking “objects” to “mathematical code” (sofar via the string rewriter jSymbol).

4 Responses to “monoface”

  1. Fubiz Says:

    vraiment excellent

  2. Victor Says:

    I took above image to find you in social media crowd facepook, but I couldn’t find you.

  3. Fränzy Says:

    Ey Victor hast völlich recht: Picksel sollte man nur mit saubren Fingern ausdrückn

  4. Wampe Logorythmus von halb und halb Says:

    Tomatn uff de Ojen Fränzy? dit sind Kieksl, keene Picksl

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