Some music in Marzahn

randform reader Balthazar Gänschen-Beissel asked:
It seems it must be quite dull in Marzahn-Hellersdorf. Like are there any music performances there?

Let’s say: the overall situation could of course still be worse. There are still initiatives like the afore mentioned Musical Workshops. There are still classical concerts especially the local churches offer concerts. There is an excellent youth orchestra namely the already mentioned Jugendsinfonieorchester Marzahn-Hellersdorf which is even performing at Salzburger Festspiele this year (couldn’t find them though on the website). Unfortunately their budget was cut down from 40 000 Euro to 26 000 Euro (according to Berliner Woche 21.3.2012) and their conductor Jobst Liebrecht has partially to work for free (See also the article article in Berliner Zeitung).

On the Rock/Pop side there is e.g. the already mentioned Orwohaus which has soon the Orwohaus Festival. And you can find once in a while interesting concerts outside the usual. Like yesterday I attended a concert by the Kiss Forever Band from Hungary at Parkbühne Biesdorf who performed probably Kiss cover songs (at least this is what I guessed).

They turned out to be fully professional rock musicians.

2 Responses to “Some music in Marzahn”

  1. Sibille Says:

    Isn’t that Parkbühne located witin a residential area? Aren’t the inhabitants of that
    area disturbed by the noise which is caused by such a band?

  2. nad Says:

    Sybille – in case you haven’t noticed there is an answer to your question in this blog post:

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