A User Had Killed My Baby


As mentioned here earlier nothing of our daytar media art is part of the Rhizome Artbase because the several pieces which we submitted did not meet the quality standards of the artbase. So in particular we pay money for the daytar website and the display of our artworks. There are a few videos by us on youtube though (see e.g. Manicone), whose hosting is crossfinanced by google and the attention economical success of other works there.

The attention economy can be seen as part of the socalled “knowledge economy”, which is currently under discussion here on randform. This discussion is partly due to the fact that I still look at the costs of virtual economies with regard to the limitations of the earth (especially with regard to machines) and the “knowledge economy” can be seen as part of “the” “global virtual economy” – some may regard these entities even as being the same.

In particular it is clear that e.g. google crossfinances the upload of the millionth bad music clip (which may eventually stir up less attention) with e.g. a really cute and stunning baby video. Unfortunately it seems there are no concrete numbers regarding the revenue generated with youtube videos leading to many discussions like about the size of possible fees of youtube to the german perfomance rights organization GEMA.

As a kind of artistic comment to that discussion I uploaded now a “baby video” called: “A user had killed my baby” onto the daytar website. It is actually not a video but a gif-animation, i.e. a sequence of images. And the baby video is not really cute. That is “A user had killed my baby” displays the partial deletion followed by an JSON-dump of a humanoid graph. The humanoid graph is thought as a kind of portrait of what could be interpreted as a beta version BETA 0.0000000001 of a brain child by CLU. The graph had been constructed with the program Mimirix. So the “portrait” was partially done by a human (Nadja Kutz) and partially done by a machine. Depending on the sizes of streamings the animation may be taken down again. So it is probably a LIMITED OFFER!!

The portrait “A user had killed my baby” was by the way also thought as an application of a different “portrait style”, since my offer of romantic montmartre style portraits to the current Berlin art exhibition Berlin Biennale was regarded as less attractive. That is my submission of a “romantic montmartre style safe” didn’t make it into the exhibition. However as a courtesy to the creativity of the about 7000 Berlin Biennale submittors the curators of the Biennale created an ArtWiki, where it is envisaged that people may upload and display some of their artwork for free. But “A user had killed my baby” currently exeeds the upload file size and if I compress it accordingly it gets too grainy and produces strange effects, similar to those mentioned by Dan Kaminsky.

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