ADDeye – new work by daytar

Please drag with mouse over eyeball

This applet was originally done for another project than just our blog…
but after all this preparatory “eye work” we thought we could publish it anyways. Please visit also our daytar site.

2 Responses to “ADDeye – new work by daytar”

  1. Raoul Says:

    It took me a while to figure out that there are
    two dragging modes. At first I was never directly over the
    inner eye ball so the things just rotated, which I
    found sort of boring but now HEY that IS cool!

  2. randform » Blog Archive » Dreamachine Says:

    [...] According to Wikipedia the dream machine is used as an alternative audio-visual entrainment treatment for ADD. However as I am not a neuroscientist I can’t judge wether this is really true or wether this is rather a case for citizendium. [...]

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