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As it seems the german government is currently thinking about spending altogether 5 billion euros on their cash-for-clunkers program (the german literal translation of Abwrackpraemie is: wreck-off-bonus) within their program to further economy. Not only is this economically as well as socially (as a quick comparision: they spend 1.5 billion Euros on a children program) a very questionable descision, but it is in particular ecologically bad.

Usually it is ecologically better to keep driving also an unecological car rather than to wreck it too early. This is because the energy costs for car production usually exceed in this case the energy saved by using a more fuel efficient car. Unfortunately I couldnt find a meaningful table on the break-even-point (the time when it is ecologically better to buy a new car).

However besides furthering the too early wrecking of cars the current german program doesnt even encourage fuel efficiency, like the envisaged US cash-for-clunkers program.

-> see also randform post about cars and energy

3 Responses to “broomm economy”

  1. Hombrecht Sähne Says:

    HaHa looks like a new slogan for the Berliner Stadtreinigung: – We Kehrview for you!

  2. sunny boy Says:

    Don’t quite get why you object to having such nice cars parking in front of your door. Other people love to park them even in their living room:

  3. Knutschzone Says:

    @sunny boy

    perfect. I just looove those elevators!

    next step up: elevators for tiny mobile recreation houses..

    Of course one has to adapt the tiny house facades a bit in order to make them fit into the overall facade. I imagine something that looks like this:

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